Case Study

The Art of More


BlackHouse had the opportunity to partner with our longtime colleague, Leslie Shair of Event Shair, an in-demand producer of elite television and film premieres. Leslie and her team have created high-end events for many established brands such as Starrs, CBS, and more.



Together, we successfully produced the season premier of Sony Pictures Television’s, The Art of More, at the iconic Museum of Art and Design. The scope of the event included a red carpet reception, private screening, and a VIP after-party, which was to took place in the museum’s luxury dining space.



During the pre-production process, Leslie and her team were faced with several crucial challenges: a strong need for technical design and installation, unique and strenuous space restrictions on both, creative directional support, and a very short timeline to execute it all. With Tribe members in every needed facet, we were able to turn Event Shair’s flurry of to-do’s into a streamlined run-of-show.


At the start of the project (as with any we walk into) we read the room and met the players. To ensure efficient and clear work (the clock was ticking!), BlackHouse entered the scene as an extension of Event Shair. This partnership allowed us to navigate and collaborate with the client and preexisting vendors. Once set, we were able to move cue-to-cue with expert speed. Through creative direction and technical strategies, we were able to build a power distribution schematic which enabled the execution of a redesigned and elaborate lighting array. This airtight planning not only met the space’s tight qualifications for an outdoor production, but also held up against the surprise showers that fell on the day of the event.


This groundwork allowed us to create a stunning luxury car installation that met guests on a high-end red carpet and step-and-repeat reception. Attendees were then immersed in stunning lighting installations that accentuated the space and lifted the guest experience. All of this was topped with opulent florals provided by our great partner – L’Atelier Rouge. Following the screening, guests were then invited to an exclusive reception in the space’s luxury dining space. Here we brought in the through-line of the lighting and floral design accenting both the
space and auction art pieces. We put a cap on the reception by bringing in a Grammy Award winning jazz ensemble who was heard through our precise A/V design.


We turned what was an overwhelming list of challenges with what seemed an out-of-reach end into a doable checklist with a happy ending. Leslie and her team felt like heroes after the event and this was and is always our aim.