Live Streaming vs. Virtual Experiences 

Live streaming and virtual experiences are both effective methods to getting your message out to the world. Not all “virtual events” need a two way conversation or a sensory experience…but some really do. We consider the objectives of your event and match the best virtual platform and approach to achieve your desired outcomes. If networking is a really big reason people come to your event, we would propose elevating the guest experience in every way possible to facilitate “virtual networking”. We help you determine not the “things” but rather  the “experiences” that your guests have come to expect based on your past events, and present possibilities for delivering them virtually. 


  • Affordable 
  • Less production time needed
  • Lacks networking 
  • Lower ticket prices
  • Hard to secure commitment
  • Viewers don’t have a voice 
  • Lacks a sense of urgency
  • Nothing tangible
  • Creates experiences that engage guests and give them opportunities to speak
  • Guests can network virtually 
  • Builds value and increases ticket sales & fundraising capabilities
  • Offer exclusive access for guests to “virtually meet” your host, honoree, or influencers


Create a Virtual Experience That is More Memorable

It is crucial to utilize the best virtual event platform based on your desired outcomes, programming and level of guest participation.  When you add tangible gifts like an “experience box” or home delivered catering, you take your guest’s experience off screen and layer in more sensory and emotional elements. We can customize your virtual event platform with branding and language relevant to your live events and design virtual spaces that are easy to navigate.

  • Virtual Welcome Room
  • Virtual Networking Lounges
  • Virtual Green Rooms
  • Virtual Help Desk
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